José Steinhauser, #56 for the Lazio Football Ducks, impressed everyone this past Sunday with his performance against the Ancona Dolphins. The 5’9 140 pounder joined the Ducks this season with the intention of contributing to the team over time. Sunday, however, he was thrown into the fire as he was given the starting left cornerback position for the first time this season. A game which had seemed lost at halftime, the Ducks were able to string together multiple defensive stops that contributed to the team’s ability to come back in the game and eventually win in overtime, 26-23. Steinhauser was a crucial factor in the Duck’s comeback victory as he made play after play from the very beginning of the game. On a first down early on in the first quarter, he anticipated a fade into the back of the endzone for which he played perfectly and the ball went incomplete. He also assisted on multiple gang tackles throughout the game, showing his fiestines and ability to read and react to the ball carrier. His ball locating skills and ability to predict where and when the quarterback is going to throw the ball is far more superior to other corners in relation to his age and experience. Steinhauser’s most crucial play came in the middle of the third quarter when he was responsible for a pass breakup that resulted in the ball being intercepted and returned for a touchdown. Coach Dan Pippin had stressed before the game in the locker room how he needed his defense to come up with a turnover at some point in the game. He recognized the similar matchup and knew the game would have the chance of coming down to the wire. And the defense responded. They were able to capitalize on two interceptions, and were able to turn around a game that seemed all but lost. Look for Steinhauser to continue his impressive play when the Ducks take on the Parma Panthers.

 Author: Nicholas Price, rugby player, football fan, Trinity Collegean.